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We aren´t perfect at all and we learn something new every day, but

Racing Clutches

are our PASSION.

The small details, make the difference
between the FIRST and the second!!!

Starting 2003 selling a lot of „Performance/Racing Clutches and flywheels“ from other bran ds from Germany, USA and China, we quickly recognized, that there is a lot of rubbish andnon well working clutch systems in the market. So we decide to do it in a much better way.

After a few years we start to look behind the curtain of „Racing Clutch Industries“ and we see nothing, really nothing, well known companies selling chinese clutch discs, using cheap pressure plates or plates with OEM clamp load, non balanced light steel flywheels and earn a lot of money. Most times it was a joke, what was/is selling to customers so called „sport/racing clutches“. So we decied to buy/built our own testing and manufacturing machines, to show the customers, what is the secret of big brand clutch kits. We were scared!!! Most times a stock OEM clutch was much more stronger than a sold „China/US Racing clutch“. No company had a look at the real specs of their clutch systems or messure the dates that they get told from manufacturer! So we would do it in a better way!!! We think about every detail of a racing clutch (solid flywheels, discs and pressure plates) and had a look what we can do in a better way. Quickly we see that we can do a lot of little things to built a nearly perfect racing clutch. But in past our problem was, we have to manufacture our parts by other companies and before we got our news parts, the other manufacturing companies copied our developments and sell it with their brand. That shows us, we are are on the right way and stopped to transfer our know-how/developments to other companies and built our own manufacturing area.
Prodly we can present our NRC racing clutches to all the people all over the world.

NRC clutches are complettly design and developed from our company right here in Germany.

All quality checks are made in our company, but sorry we just are humans too.

NRC - CNC cutted light steel flywheels

Alloy flywheels with steel inlet are no options, under head alloy body stretches much more than the thin steel clutch face,so there a lot of tensions in the steel inlet and clutch starts to slip or a clean gear-shift is not longer possible. How should it work.
It´s just simple physics!

In past we had a lot of customers in rallye championship, ciruite-racing and drift competition with such problems.

  • high quality steel
  • manufactured at CNC miling/drilling machines
  • „ACC“ Anti Corrosion coated
  • balanced ISO 1940-1 at Schenck RoTec 2-axle balancing machine
  • OEM quality pilot bearing
  • OEM quality flywheel screws or ARP-flywheel bolts (if required)


Our biggest question!
Why nearly all offered clutch discs look similar??? Is there only one „GOOD“ engineering that works for all the different companies?
Or is there just one chinese manufacturer that makes all discs for all companies??? We don´t know, but is a little bit strange!!! Isn´t it?

NRC - high performance clutch discs

  • availible with different friction materials
  • reinforced organic friction material
  • high performance Kevlar friction material
  • racing/high torque sinter pad friction material

All NRC disc are design/engineered by our selves in Germany.

We use a special designed and calculated torsion damping system.

We use 4 big twin torsion spring system (1 smaller spring inside the big one), to get a smooth damping rate, but garantee a high torque capacity to transmit our friction-plates are from high quality steel and heat treatted to get very low tension in material.

We only us high quality friction materials, mostly manufactured in Europe.

Sinter pads are high quality MIBA pads.

Every spline hub is specially designed to fit to car and racing conditions (longer hub at front or backside to get the max. overlap of disc and gearshaft (better torque transfer to the shaft)).

NRC - pressure plate

We only choose the highest quality and best balance between clamp load, pedal-pressure and driveablilty for our NRC pressure plates.

All NRC pressure plate are tested in their clamp load, to garantee the best result for buyers money.

All NRC upgrade pressure plates Xtrem1 & 2 are modified by our selves to garantee a maximum of quality, high clamp load and perfect driveability.

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